Repo Cosplay Replica Sweater

Repo Cosplay Replica Sweater

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This is a perfect replica of the sweater that Nathan wears in Legal Assassin from the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera! Perfect for cosplaying and shadowcasting!

The first three photos are my sweater and the last two are shots of Anthony Stewart Head playing Nathan in the movie. (for comparison purposes only)

It's made from a lightweight crepe so it's not too hot for those shows and cons. Super comfortable and wearable, you'll be able to dress like the Repo-man out on the town!

It involves a very intricate pattern, so I'll need the following measurements:
Waist (your natural waist, approximately 1 inch above your belly button)
Sleeve (from the back of your neck, over your shoulder and down to your wrist)
Length (from the base of your neck at the front to your natural waist)